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Dental Insurances & Benefits

Insurance Coverage and Dental Benefits at Mississauga's Harborn Dental)

The staff and dentists at Harborn Dental understand that insurance forms and policies can be complicated. Therefore, we are here to simplify them for you on your visit to our dental clinic in Mississauga. We want to make your dental stay comfortable, and to make the whole process simpler for you, we process insurance claims and accept payment directly from insurance companies. If you have active insurance, we will process it electronically at the time of your appointment. We will ask you to pay any remaining balance if your insurance company informs us of their payable portion at the time of service.

Your patience and cooperation are highly appreciated in such matters, as communication with insurance companies can be difficult due to some privacy policies. We will try our best to do all we can to help you with your dental insurance and dental benefits around Mississauga. All we ask you to do is understand your dental benefits coverage. We encourage you to ask your insurance company if you’re unsure of your coverage amounts.

According to your needs and not according to your dental insurance company contract, we recommend treatments as your dental health is of paramount importance to us. We are here to take care of your teeth and not answer the restrictions of each dental plan. So, you will have to trust us when it comes to your health and dental hygiene.

Things to Keep in Mind

It is your responsibility to stay updated with your policy changes, as dental benefit companies do not inform dental offices of any changes to your policy.

The dental office is not included in the benefit coverage. It is a contract between yourself, the insurance company, and your employer.

Please get updated information from your insurance company before making an appointment for your dental check-up or treatment.

Contact us for more information.

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