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Dental Services

Complete Dental Care Services in Mississauga

Our mission at Harborn Dental is to make your dental experience amazing. We use only the latest technologies for all our dental treatments and procedures. Our dentistry services not only provide outstanding aesthetic results but are also designed to keep your teeth and gums healthy for the long-term. Creating life-changing smiles has always been our vision. With a commitment to offering each of our patients individualized care, our doctors love being able to provide their patients with life-changing results. We offer complete dental care services for the residents of Mississauga.

Some popular treatments include:

We provide teeth whitening solutions for patients in Mississauga. Our teeth whitening treatment delivers dramatic results. You will be able to notice a brightened smile right after the treatment. 

Regular dental exams and dental X-Rays can help identify oral diseases before they become severe. We use radiographs (X-Rays) as an essential, preventative, diagnostic tool to get valuable information that isn’t visible during a clinical examination.

Sometimes tooth extraction is the only solution to severe tooth damage. Our dentists are qualified to perform any kind of tooth extractions such as wisdom tooth extraction, partial bony impaction or complete bony impaction. Trust us to provide you with the best results.

Root canal therapy is the solution to the decay that has happened in the pulp of your teeth. The decay may cause sensitivity to heat and cold, toothache, inflammation or swelling. Root canal therapy can help you save the tooth.

Our doctors are invested in restoring your dental health. Whether you suffer from gum disease or have a loosened tooth, our periodontists will help you get rid of your troubles most hygienically and comfortably.

Our dentists provide dental crowns and bridges for patients who have damaged teeth or have undergone root canal therapy. Crowns are used to protect damaged teeth. Dental bridges are used to create bridges between missing teeth.

Regular dental check-ups and cleaning are crucial ways to prevent tooth decay. These preventive dentistry methods help you stay cavity and infection-free. We provide dental cleanings and examinations for all members of your family.

Dental implants provide permanent solutions for those who have lost a tooth or two. They are used to replace the missing teeth in your buccal cavity. We create beautiful looking teeth that look natural and are as strong as the natural ones.

Our dentists can help you get the perfect smile with the help of Invisalign® and braces. Our dentists can straighten your teeth in the most invisible way. Our dentists are gentle and try to make the process as comfortable as they can.

Dentures are worn as an alternative for the missing teeth in your mouth. They look natural and comfortable. Our cosmetic dentists take extra care while designing your dentures so that you stay comfortable and stress-free.

A dental emergency can present itself any time, anywhere. Sudden pain in the tooth or accidental damage to the tooth can result in severe discomfort. Therefore, we are available to help you in all kinds of dental emergencies.

Harborn Dental is a complete dental care centre. You can visit us for any tooth trouble, and we are sure to provide you with an appropriate solution.

Keeping Your Smile Happy

We take all measures to provide you with the best possible dental care so that your teeth stay happy and you enjoy life to the fullest.

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