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Dental Implants: Pros and Cons

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great solution to replace missing teeth. Teeth that are supported by dental implants are either removable or fixed. Dental implants have brought about a revolution in cosmetic dentistry and have benefits and certain disadvantages. At Harborn Dental, we have been providing dental services to our clients since 2001. Our services include orthodontics, Invisalign®, root canal treatment, periodontics and implants.


Here are a few pros of getting dental implants:


1. They Fit Perfectly

Teeth over implants are custom-made to fit your mouth perfectly, without causing major discomfort. Taking them out is optional and your mouth adjusts easily to them. You may need a few adjustments but in the long run, they do feel natural.


2. They Don’t Need Extra Care

Depending on your prosthesis you may not need to remove your dental implant teeth every night. You can simply brush your teeth and floss and keep following your regular dental care regime.


3. They Are Comfortable

Implants are connected to your jawbone, thus there is no discomfort or pain after healing is completed. Once teeth are fabricated over the dental implants, they allow for a consistent bite and feel very natural.


Here are a few cons of getting dental implants:


1. They Are Expensive

They are more expensive than removable dentures, but they do have better advantages. Dental implants can help you save a lot of money in the long run as they help to preserve the underlying bone. They do not require the same maintenance as natural teeth.


2. Surgery Is Unavoidable

Even if you have a history of blood clotting and have been previously advised to avoid dental surgeries, our dental professionals have the knowledge to treat your condition with dental implants. If you fear dental surgery, do not worry, our dental professionals can help make the process easy and comfortable. Implant surgeries are not really invasive and the results are worth it.


Contact Harborn Dental to get dental implants which will accentuate your beautiful smile!



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