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Your Dental Clinic in Mississauga: How We Keep Patients and Our Health Workers Safe

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

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This year has brought its share of health challenges. In light of the COVID-19 Virus, safety is more important than ever. Harborn Dental in Mississauga has taken all the necessary steps to keep you safe.

There is no reason your smile has to suffer. As a dental clinic in Mississauga, our main priority is the health and safety of our patients and community.

You can feel confident scheduling your next dental appointment with us. Here's how we are keeping everyone safe:


Protecting Your Dental Health

It's important not to let the health of your mouth suffer. This means that all our steps are to make sure you can still make it into our local dental clinic in Mississauga.

By following all CDC guidelines for healthcare workers, we've ensured that we can still provide our full range of services. No matter your reason for visiting the office or getting a dental exam, we have you covered.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We're approaching our commitment to safety from several angles. One of those is the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE).

All healthcare workers will be wearing gloves, masks, and any other PPE required by Ontario's local dental authorities.

Patients are required to wear masks while in our Mississauga dental clinic. We ask that masks are worn in all common areas and at all times except while your dental exam is taking place.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is key in our approach to your safety. For this reason, all appointments will be spaced out. We are scheduling appointments at a smaller capacity.

We are asking all our dental patients to stay at least 6 feet apart within our waiting room.

Additionally, we are limiting the number of people in the clinic at a time. This way, you'll never feel crowded during your scheduled appointment time.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

You can be completely confident about the cleanliness of Harborn Dental. Our standards are very high. We understand a clean examination environment is key to your experience at our dental clinic.

Exam areas and all exam equipment are required to be sanitized before and after all appointments.

All common areas are cleaned and disinfected daily.

Scheduling Your Appointment

When you schedule a dental appointment in Mississauga, we want you to be taken care of. At Harborn Dental, you will be.

Your dental health is a priority that should not go overlooked. During this global pandemic, our duty is as your dental clinic in Mississauga to make sure you are safe.

We keep you safe by following all local, national, and international guidelines regarding PPE. We also prioritize social distancing in our waiting areas and in the way we schedule appointments. As always, we will continue ensuring that all areas and equipment are sterilized and disinfected.

Don't hesitate to schedule your next dental exam with Harborn Dental.

Smile! We'll take it from here.



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